Where can you get your API key for Judge0 API?

Second most common question since the announcemet of Judge0 API 2.0.0 is: Where can I get my API key?.


For official public instance of Judge0 API, a.k.a. https://api.judge0.com you don't need API key. Go ahead and use it in your app. ☺

But API docs say I need an API key!

You are partially right! In the API docs of Judge0 API 1.0.0 in the Authentication section stands that:

Some Judge0 API hosts can protect their API calls with authentication tokens.

This is because Judge0 API is self-hosted and whoever hosts it can also configure it. One of the configuration options is to enable authentication. That allows admins to control who is using their instance of Judge0 API.

When you host your own instance of Judge0 API you get the same API documentation as official public instance of Judge0 API.

I should add to docs in that section that authentication is disabled on official instance of Judge0 API and that you don't need any API keys. ☺


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Where can you get your API key for Judge0 API?
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