Migration to Digital Ocean and Cloudflare

Today I spent some time (6 hours) migrating everything to Digital Ocean after the biggest power outage that killed all Judge0 services for almost 3 days.

I apologize to everyone who was affected with this disaster. 😖

While I was waiting for the power to come back I moved my DNS from Namecheap to Cloudflare. With Cloudflare DNS updates happen almost instantly and they also provide free SSL with their Universal SSL. This will be useful for adding HTTPS to GitHub pages with custom domains!

On Digital Ocean I bought three $5 droplets:

I used Docker Swarm to connect these droplets together and it works like charm! 😄

Judge0 IDE and Judge0 Data are now deployed to GitHub Pages with SSL certificates provided by Cloudflare.

Judge0 Status is just a CNAME to Uptime Robot dashboard with their SSL certificate.

Looking at Google Analytics I noticed that vast majority of Judge0 IDE users come from India so I created all three droplets in Bangalore datacenter. 😊

If you want to help me pay for these droplets or upgrade to bigger one please consider donating. I should open a Patreon page to make donations more transparent. 😊


Shoot me an email or open new issue.

Migration to Digital Ocean and Cloudflare
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