Announcement of Judge0 API 2.0.0

On October 1, 2017 I have released Judge0 API 1.0.0. This month (March 2018) I am working on a release of Judge0 API 2.0.0 that will resolve most of the issues and I will also try to improve more things that I noticed since last release. There will be breaking API changes.

Later this month I will give my best to update you about new features and bug fixes done in development. I hope that this new version will be live, up and running by April 1st.

To be honest I really don't know who is using public instance of Judge0 API and I also don't know who is using and for what purpose Judge0 IDE.

Before I release and deploy new Judge0 API I would like to know who my users are and how this new release will affect them. So, if you use any of Judge0 products please fill out this survey and help me know you better.


Announcement of Judge0 API 2.0.0
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